The Top 6 Places to Travel with Your Dog in 2022

    While most individuals feel optimistic heading into 2022, many still question their annual vacation and travel plans. The Covid-19 pandemic has turned the travel industry upside down. Most international travel is off the table due to restrictions leaving and returning to the states. Many individuals and families are opting...

    7 Tips For Booking A Pet-Friendly Airbnb 

    If you’re planning a trip with your dog, and considering staying at an Airbnb, use these tips for booking your next stay! Check out our recommended dog friendly Airbnb stays, in Arizona & West Virginia! Start your search for the perfect dog friendly Airbnb stay, by following these steps: First, enter your...

    We areDoggy Check In

    Doggy Check In was created for those who enjoy traveling with their dog. Our mission is to provide a seamless check in experience when traveling with your furry loved one. At Doggy Check In, we realize that your pet is part of the family. That means including them when you travel, go on trips or vacation.

    What We Do

    Here at Doggy Check In, we are dedicated to finding unique lodging that humans, and dogs alike, can enjoy together. If you are wanting to travel, sight-see, or just explore the local town with your pooch, Doggy Check In has you covered! We focus on listing unique vacation rental homes that have minimal pet restrictions. We aim to feature homes with a fenced in yard and minimal cleaning fees or extra charges. As pet owners, and dog lovers ourselves, we know that including your pet in your travel plans might require just a little extra effort. Researching pet friendly things to do, places to visit, where to eat out and stay overnight requires an extra step in your planning process.

    Why We Do It

    Every month we help thousands of dog parents find unique places to stay and adventurous things to do through our content and social media channels. Doggy Check In believes that owners should spend more time going places with their dogs and less time researching the right accommodations. We look forward to connecting traveling pet owners with valuable information in one place. Because finding and booking a awesome pet-friendly Airbnb shouldn't be difficult. We hope our research and guides ensure you have a pleasant stay with your pooch, whether you are booking a pet-friendly Airbnb in Arizona or a secluded, dog-friendly cabin in West Virginia.

    Our Process

    We start our process by gathering questions from our audience and travel forums - specifically looking for the most pet friendly vacation rentals and Airbnbs in a specific area, like the most dog-friendly cabins in Arizona. Then we get to work researching dog friendly rentals and contacting owners to confirm details and policies about their specific rentals. We do not accept sponsored listings or content because we want to be authentic to our audience. Once we gather a curated list of the best rentals we visit some of them (the ones that are close) and other we scourer reviews, summarize pet policies, get the overall vibes, as well as find pet friendly activities nearby.

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    Doggy Check In was created for those who enjoy traveling with their dog. Our mission is to provide a seamless check in experience when traveling with your furry loved one. At Doggy Check In, we realize that your pet is part of the family - that means they travel with you. Doggy Check In is reader-supported and may earn a commission when you book or purchase using our links.

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