7 Tips For Walking Down The Aisle With Fido


    We get it, your fiancé is the love of your life, but if you’re anything like me, your heart was also captured by your beloved four-legged pooch. Here are tips for including your dog in the wedding ceremony:

    Cute Dog photo

    1. First, you’ll have to clear it with the wedding venue.

    Does the venue allow pets, and what are the rules or limitations surrounding having your dog at the wedding?

    2. You’ll want to make sure you have a responsible and reliable person or handler (other than yourself or your partner) for the entire event.

    You might consider hiring a wedding pet escort or attendant so your guests can enjoy the ceremony.

    3. If you decide to include your pup in the ceremony, be sure to practice!

    You’ll want to train Fido by visiting the venue multiple times to rehearse. Bring lots of yummy treats and always reward good behavior.

    4. Who doesn’t love a good accessory to complete an ensemble? Dog wedding attire is absolutely a thing!

    If you’ve decided that you want your dog to be the ring bearer, or even the dog flower girl, consider a flower collar wreath, or bow tie. These extra touches are sure to capture some extra cute dog photos on your special day.

    Dog Ring Bearer Dog Flower Girl

    5. Let’s face it, accidents happen and it’s always best practice to bring plenty of cleaning items in case things get messy.

    Don’t forget the squeaky toys, extra treats, and water! These can all come in handy when taking your wedding photos with your dog.

    6. It’s important to communicate to your guests and other wedding vendors that your dog (or pet) will be in attendance.

    “I made sure to schedule grooming the day before so that my pup was cleaned and shined. This also helped keep shedding and dander to a minimum to be considerate to those who might have allergies,” says bride Ashley.

    7. There’s no doubt that the presence of your pet will add an extra special element to your wedding ceremony.

    But the last thing you want is for it to become a nuisance or distraction. A few more logistics to take into consideration are if you would like your pet to be transported back to your home after they walk you down the aisle. Or, perhaps your goal is to capture some cute wedding photos with your dog. We recommend having an exit plan in case Fido gets a little too excited when they see their humans walking down the aisle.

    Dog in wedding ceremony

    Ultimately when considering including your beloved animal in your wedding, what matters most is the comfort and safety of not only your pet, but of you (and your partner) too!

    Kara is a dog mama to 3-year-old English Bulldog, Winnie. Winnie and Kara are inseparable. Whether home watching crime documentaries or packing up for their next travel adventure – they are always together. Follow along @winnieroobullydog.

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